Characteristics of Literary Heroes

A literary hero is a fictional character who is looked upon as having great strength and courage.

What makes a true heroic figure in literature?

A literary hero is often used to describe the protagonist of the story. A protagonist is the main character in a literary piece. The plot revolves around them and the audience is intended to empathize with them.

A literary hero stands out in the story, overcomes personal obstacles and always reaches their goal.

A literary hero can also be the anti-hero in the story. If the literary hero is the anti-hero in a story then they must face hardships, overcome them, and find a way to take control of their life. Normally once an anti-hero manages to take control of their life, they become stronger than the antagonists that were keeping them down.

There are two books, in my opinion, that contain the greatest literary heroes of all time. Both books are deeply complicated and highly intricate and possess multiple characters that could be labeled as protagonists, but these two stand out the most, well, at least to me they do. Neither of these books are for the casual reader and they are both quite lengthy. If you decide to give them a chance, you better pencil in some time on your calendar for the next week or two.

The first book (and my favorite) is “Atlas Shrugged” by the glorious and wonderfully talented (let’s not forget highly criticized,) Ayn Rand. The lead protagonist in the story is a woman named Dagny Taggart and the story is based around her and a man named John Galt.

The second book is “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck in which the protagonist is a man named Cal Trask.

If you are a person who hasn’t found your literary heroes yet I suggest you give these two books a chance.

A literary hero moves you in many ways, and hopefully down to your very core. When you find a character that makes you feel like you are part of them, a character that makes you laugh out loud while reading, a character that makes you cry because you completely share in their pain and loss, when you find a character who you feel like you would die for, well, that my friend, is a feeling that you never lose, no matter how long it’s been since you last spent quality time with them.

A true and iconic literary hero grabs a hold of your soul and it never, ever, let’s go.

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