Combating unfair student loan practices

Student loan debt is crushing American families like we've never seen before The problem is so severe it's likely you or someone you know is struggling to keep up with their payments

Student loan borrowers in America now owe a staggering 13 trillion dollars Here in Washington state, that debt is now $24 billion That's an average of around $25,000 per borrower and as if this crushing loan debt isn't stressful enough, some bad actors in the loan industry are making the situation worse Some student loan servicing companies and third-party loan modification companies use questionable operating procedures and debt readjustment scams that prey on students struggling to make their loan payments

It doesn't have to be this way That's why I'm sponsoring the Student Loan Bill of Rights, which will protect student loan borrowers from harmful and predatory business practices and create an advocacy office that looks out for student borrowers I'm proud to stand with my fellow Democrats in Olympia in the fight for families and to fight for protections for student loan borrowers Democrats are moving forward with a strong progressive agenda in Olympia that Puts our People First If you're with us, please hit the SHARE button below and join us in the fight for families