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You have home improvement ideas from kitchen to bathroom new floors to outdoors, we have options

From a credit card, to a personal loan to home equity loans and lines of credit Our TFCU Visa credit card is great for small DIY projects with a small budget Like new fixtures and lighting or a little light landscaping You may pay it off in a short period at your own pace with fast application and convenience Even if you don't own a home, but still want to spruce up your space Or maybe you do own your home, but haven't built up your equity A personal loan is great for your larger DIY projects or small renovations Like new kitchen appliances or reflooring your living room

With a personal loan, you have a set monthly payment that doesn't change With no up-front fees or closing costs and great rates Then, there's the option of a home equity loan or line of credit A closed-end, fixed rate home equity loan is great for home improvement or even debt consolidation A home equity loan or line of credit are both great for larger remodeling projects like a kitchen remodel, new windows, outdoor entertainment areas, even a pool From creating more curb appeal to adding more room, a home equity loan is great for homeowners who have enough equity in their home to pay for a big project over a longer period of time

often with a lower rate than non-equity options Whether you want more space or more style or to just feel more at home we have more options to make your renovation dreams a reality Check out our affordable rates and options at TFCU

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