Storage requests and renewing loans from home

HOW TO RENEW YOUR LOANS OR MAKE A STORAGE REQUEST FROM HOME First, let's see how to renew loans online We can open the online catalogue from the menubar, also on screens with bigger resolutions this line of text is visible and clickable

In order to use online services, we have to login into our readers account Click the login button We have to enter our library card's or our student card's number and our password Read this guide if you need help with entering your data correctly On a Student card, you have to use the numbers in the upper right corner

The password is your birthday by default, but in a given form Click Login The list of your current loans will appear The titles, the authors and the due dates of them are listed You can renew them here, but only if their status allows it

Check the boxes of the titles that you want to renew When you are finished, click Renew Selected If it was successful, this text appears underneath them You will also recieve an email about the renewing to the address you've given during registration STORAGE REQUESTS FROM HOME It's also possible to make storage requests from home with the help of the online catalogue

This way, you can avoid waiting for the storage copies When you've found what you need and it turns out that it's in the storages, click the title to open the record Click Send storage request You can use storage copies locally in the reading rooms, or borrow them in the loaning section, but only if their status allows it Choose the purpose of the request and where are you going to take it

You can make several requests if you need more than just one title Now click Send storage request It will appear if it was successfull, and where and when can you take it Before you close this window, take note of the expiration date of your request Thanks for watching

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