Paying Off Student Loans For FREEDOM

So I haven't decided what this is going to be or anything like that, but I want to talk about Paying off student loans, and why I think it is so important that you pay off your Student loans as quickly as possible Now this is coming from me If you don't know me I paid off eighty two thousand dollars in debt Seventy eight thousand of it was in student loans I paid it off in Four years and I've realized a whole lot of things throughout the process and after So that's what I want to talk about today

I'm gonna pick one specific topic and go deep into it and Kind of show you and prove to you Why it is so important To pay off your student loans as soon as possible if you were watching this I'm going to make two assumptions The first one is that because you have student loans you have some sort of a degree The second is that your student loans are kind of getting to you They're kind of bugging you They're holding you back from something They're making you feel a certain way a certain negative way that negative feeling and You're probably wondering okay well paying off student loans means what for me? Well it means that the payment won't be in there anymore, right? But it's not just about paying off your student loans because you're gonna have to pay them off Eventually because the government will make you it's not like a mortgage or a car payment or credit card, debt where? You could file bankruptcy if you really wanted to I'm not saying you should do that But they're not like that you could just not paying on your student loans, but eventually the government is gonna get their money They're gonna take it from you In the form of garnishing your wages So they're gonna follow you forever So it's kind of like you got to make a choice How important is paying off? Student loans my student loan, debt, and I would argue that it's very important It's actually important to the freedom of you for the freedom of your life You've the freedom of your future because right now you might feel like you're free but you're really not because the student loans following you forever and Once you get to a point where your student loans are paid off You're free to do whatever you want like Whatever you want Because they're not gonna follow you anymore you could sell your house

You could sell your car You could move to a place that you want to move to you could go take on a job That you really want to take on because you're not stuck in that monthly student loan payment that will follow you forever and That's one thing that I've noticed since I've paid off my student loans is I Feel so much more free in my life to do whatever I want I can make Decisions based on what's going to make me happy I? Can make decisions based on my real future my my student loan less future if you will and it's changed everything the choices that I make I can make them based on what's gonna make me happy and Where I want to go in the future as opposed to making choices For my future based on if I'm going to be able to pay still pay on my student loan debts I don't have to worry about that anymore They're gone and it gives you a new outlook on life and It's absolutely insane how much it changes you the world around you and You kind of look around and you're like wow I actually can do whatever I want Whatever I want But to pay off your student loans fast You've got to focus on just that From now until whenever they're paid off, and you might say well How long is it gonna? Take me to pay my student loan debts off Well I've made some videos on that and I'll link it down below just so you can get an idea of how to start that process how to lay them out and get an idea of how quickly you're going to be able to pay off your student loans and then from there, I've got all kinds of other videos of how to manage your money and and start actually getting Yourself to the point where you can pay off your student loans because I'm Tony this has changed my life And I would like to see it change your life, too You'll look at the world completely Different than you do now and completely different than probably what a lot of people around you Or how a lot of people will around you see the world Opportunities pop up wherever I mean I'm sorry pop-up opportunities opportunities pop up in so many different places that you would never imagine Heck I I've even gotten since I've got my student loans paid off

I've been offered a job to make twenty three thousand dollars a year more than what I make now and You know what I said to that offer I said no I turned it down Which probably sounds a little outrageous to you guys if you have if you're paying on student loan debt And you're not paying more than than you have to but to me I was able to make that decision because I've got goals I Have a direction that I want my future to go in and Doing what I would have had to do to pay off or to get that twenty three extra twenty three thousand extra dollars per year didn't fit into my future plan my future goals so I ultimately turned that job down and I can go into that more detail at some point and if you have any questions about that that Go away leave a comment down below, but if I was still in student loan debt I might've taken that job And I have a feeling that it would have changed My future goals what I really wanted in the future, but because I was I'm debt free listing loan standpoint I could say no, and I'm really happy that I did because Since I said no, and I'm focusing on that future state that I've got planned out I'm so I'm so happy and I know that I made the right choice, but Because I'm free I have that freedom to make that choice because I don't owe the government or anyone a damn thing and Yeah, so we become men down below I don't know this is just a quick video if you like these kinds of videos then I'll continue to put them out and talk about Paying off student loans and and why different things that I've realized throughout my process and afterwards, maybe it'll help you Yeah, just let me know if you like these and I will continue to make them okay I'll talk to you next time Hey throw a thumbs up and subscribe if you want if you like these kinds of videos

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