Paying Off Student Loans | How To Stay Motivated

I think we can all agree that productivity in general is extremely important, but it's also important while paying off your debts But not in the obvious way that you might be thinking So in this video, we're gonna go through how you can continue to keep the momentum Once your debts are paid off now you might be saying to yourself Well, I'm not gonna have my debts paid off for a little while That's okay because this is something that you need to start today to ensure that you actually keep that momentum Once your debts are paid off, let me ask you a question How does it feel to end a day where you were extremely productive? Productivity is really hard sometimes because it's hard to stay focused when so many things are trying to pull our attention away From what we actually need to get done social media notifications on our phone TV friends kids Significant others family work there's thousands and thousands of Google searches every single month based on Productivity over a hundred and thirty thousand to be exact So Jared what the heck does? Productivity have to do with getting out of debt what actually has a lot to do with getting out of debt Because getting the most out of paying down bad debt is more than actually the journey of paying down that debt It's about taking the time to figure out what the plan is going to be once It's all gone What's all that debts paid off? This is part of the whole debt free blueprint process that I teach you are confident that you're gonna pay them off one day Right

The answer should be yes I hope are you confident about what the plan is after that? Probably not because all you're focused on right now is paying off the stupid debt, which is a good thing Don't get me wrong continue to keep that as your main focus always keep that as your main focus, but before you hit that debt free date, It's just as important to know what's next It's kind of like when we decide to go on a trip It's not the actual Destination that's part of the whole experience It's also the planning for getting ready for Traveling to the actual destination and the fund you're gonna have while you are on that trip that makes the whole experience A lot more enjoyable as long as you don't come home with some weird rash like I did when I went on my last vacation No, not that kind of weird rash you freaks

I'm talking about a weird rash from all beautiful weather that I was exposed to wait what never mind forget I mentioned that please and then once that trip is over you're back to reality You know that feeling you definitely know that feeling that I'm talking about you had all that hi For so long and now it's just gone because the trip is over So you put on your semi sad pants because you don't really have anything super exciting to come back home to mine have elastic because I get a little bloated when I have my sad pants on I don't have my sad pants on right now because I'm Really really happy I've said too much This is getting really really weird and really personal so I'll stop with that There's nothing else planned in the near future so it Stinks going back to that normal life in that regular routine that we all have to deal with every single day because I'm already debt Free I know firsthand that the same thing is gonna happen when you eventually get all of your debts paid off because you will well Unless you want to be productive right now while you were paying off your debts so you will already know your next move the Second that you've clicked that last payment button on your debt the way to be productive while paying down your debt is to start planning What your next steps will be once your debts paid off now you can do this right now by planning out what the next goals are gonna be I Don't want you to get to the point where you pay them all off and then you have to stop and say um What's next I want you to have already explored those thoughts and potential ideas of what will be next talk to your significant other about What you both want to be doing once your debts paid off start exploring what your work life will look like will you still want? To live in the same house or apartment that you're currently living in will that be the Perfect time to start a business based on that passion that you already have or will this be the perfect time to start exploring those? Things in life that you wouldn't have been able to because you were strapped down by your stupid debt We won't be at that point in time keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this because it's gonna be unique to you and what you're actually interested in but whatever it is that you choose I 100% support these are all questions that need to be answered eventually I just don't want to see you get to the end of it Feel really empty and be like what the heck so start thinking now start planning now start scrapping those ideas Right now and start coming up with new ones you've got time So don't wait If you already know what your plans are after you pay off all your debts then leave a comment down below and let me know some very Curious and even if you don't let me know the first thing that pops in your head, what are you gonna be doing? Don't forget to pick up your FREE copy of the debt free prep workbook while it's still available Links down below or somewhere around my head you filthy animals Thank you so much for checking out this video Hit the thumbs up subscribe if you want make sure you hit that bell as well and leave a comment Obviously Thanks for watching