Paying Off Student Loans | Reframing It

Hey friends, this is Jared from debt-free blueprint for those of you who I haven't met I paid off eighty two thousand dollars in various debts seventy thousand of it was in student loans Molly Come here and In this video series

What I want to do is kind of share with you some insights that I've gained Molly come here Sorry During the process of paying off my student loan debts and even after since I am now debt-free, so in this particular video we will be talking about Reframing the thought of paying off your student loans Wow here hit the park this morning Just got done with a run with my Dog nice That's Little Miss Molly and What I want to talk specifically got like I said in this video is about reframing the fact that you have to pay off your student loans and it it can kind of stink and it can make you feel really Discouraged about about a lot of things and even life in general when you look and you see all of this Debt that you have all this student loan debt that you have and you're wondering man How am I gonna get this paid off? This is so hard and then you see people around you paper their friends maybe other people that you just hear about that have all these things and They were able to go to school without taking on any debt So we'll call them the haves Okay there's people like that and then there's people like you and I Who had to take out student loans whether we took out too much than we had to or not were people who we almost feel like we're at a disadvantage and I want to try to get you to Reframe how you were looking at that right so you don't feel so bad about yourself I want you to try to reframe the fact that you have to pay off All these student loans is a good thing because what's gonna happen in the process is you're going to learn quite a bit about yourself and you're going to be forced to learn money skills So you're almost in reality added advantage compared to the people who were able to get their their college paid for? Because if you think about it, they don't really Have to learn good money management skills you and I people who own the crapload of debt or owe a crapload of debt We were forced to learn good money management skills, not just money management skills while we're paying off our student loan debts But money management skills that we can take with us for the rest of our lives it's it's you're almost creating a little tool box for yourself a toolbox of how to handle that money from now until forever and Molly come here and You're essentially going to be in a better place than a lot of those people who were given You know the opportunity to go to school without having to take on any debt so for you reframe paying your student loans as a good thing and Look at the good things you're going to get out of it It's gonna make the whole process a little bit less difficult and It might help make you a little less Depressed because you're probably gonna feel that at some point While you're paying off your debts If you haven't already, which I'm sure you have if you're even thinking about paying off your your student loans But this is coming from somebody who? started with $82,000 in debt and just thought there was no way out but there is if you're willing to look at it in in a in a good light and Realize that this is kind of a good thing because you're being forced to learn good money management skills you could take with you Forever so try to reframe how you're looking at the fact that you have to pay off your student loans Because you have to do it you just have to and it's either you do it now or just continue to put it off and push it off and Let the debts pile up even more based on the interest that's going to continually build up over time so if you have any questions If you like these kinds of one-take videos talking about my experience of paying off all my student loan debts Then let me know in the comments comments down below let me know if you possibly are trying to reframe how you were looking at your student loans and Let me know how you do it maybe or if you can think of any ways that you can Personally think about reframing why you have to pay off your student loans then or why it's a good thing Let me know down in the comments below Feel free to hit that thumbs up button subscribe or follow wherever you're watching this And I do have a free copy of the debt-free prep workbook that I want to give to you while it's still available I'll leave the link down below in the description or somewhere around my stupid head me and little Miss Molly She said that without run like I said our trail run she's kind of chilling We're taking a break here at the lake before we head home to do some work so as always I appreciate you guys and If you're paying off your student loans keep getting after it

You'll get there at some point and Life changes once you actually get them paid off It's pretty cool Alright, thanks for checking this video out Adios