Parents’ guide – maintenance loans and grants 2018/19

Maintenance support is designed to help them with their living costs, such as accommodation, books, travel, food and socialising All eligible students living away from home will be entitled to £9,000 which is equivalent to the National Living Wage

This means that all students will have the same amount of money to live off while at university with the exception of those studying in London, where the cost of living is higher They will receive an extra 25% in support while those who choose to live at home and study locally will get 15% less The support students receive will be a mixture of loans and grants and how much they get of each depends on your household income Every eligible student will receive a non-income-assessed grant of £1,000 to start with, and then the remainder of their funding will be dependent on your household income Students from lower income households will receive the highest grant, which can be up to £10,124 if they study in London London or up to £8,100 if they study anywhere else in the UK and live away from home

Each student will then get a loan to top up their grant and make it equivalent to the National Living Wage Loans do have to be re-paid and grants don’t This table onscreen will give you a good idea of roughly how much of a loan and grant your child can expect to receive to go to university based on your household income This is based on a student living away from home and studying outside of London If your household income is above the maximum figure at the bottom of the table then there is no need for you to submit your household income details the student would submit a non-income-assessed application

Both the loan and the grant will be paid directly to the student in three instalments in line with their term start dates The first instalment is usually around September time shortly after they have started their course, the second in the New Year and their final instalment around April time